Graduation Rate Award

The Arkansas School Recognition Program provides financial awards to public schools that experience high student performance and high student academic growth, which includes high school graduation rate comparisons for secondary schools.  The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) is pleased to announce funds have been made available for this recognition program.


Lavaca HIgh School (LHS) is being awarded $11,012.40 for being in the top 6%-10% for growth in the area of Graduation Rate.  This is the 2nd consecutive year LHS has received the award.


Funds must be used for the following purposes: nonrecurring bonuses to the faculty and staff; nonrecurring expenditures for educational equipment or materials to assist in maintaining and improving student performance; or temporary personnel for the school to assist in maintaining and improving student performance.  A committee made up of the principal, a teacher elected by the faculty, and a parent representative selected by the local Parent Teacher Association or some other local parental involvement group shall determine how the funds will be used.


A proposal for the performance-based funding will be submitted to the ADE after the committee is formed and data is collected to determine what will benefit the students of LHS.

Lavaca Public Schools

Lavaca Public Schools