Hall of Honor Nomination

2017 Lavaca Schools Hall of Honor Nomination

The Lavaca Schools Hall of Honor recognizes those persons whose contributions, accomplishments, or service to the students, schools, district and/or community of Lavaca have exceeded customary expectations.
Please provide as much information as possible to respond to these questions.
The Hall of Honor recognizes achievement (contributions or accomplishments) and service of an exceptional nature in any field, vocational or voluntary, which benefits the students and schools of Lavaca in their endeavors.    
Service: Describe the service provided by the candidate. Be sure to include 1) the impact of the service on the school, students and/or community, 2) benefits of the service to the school, students, and/or community, 3) the period of time in which the service took place and if the service has been sustained over an extended period of time, and 4) how has the candidate’s service exceeded customary expectations?
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Lavaca Public Schools