Hello, Arrow fans and welcome to the Gold Stock Press! The goal of this publication is to provide a platform of free exchange for the voices of our peers, fellow citizens, and community members. The Gold Stock Press publishes monthly issues that cover sports, entertainment, Op-ed, humanities, and community events. Our staff abides by a code of ethics set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists. To ensure integrity, accuracy, and fairness, we follow the four principles of the SPJ: 

  • Seek Truth and Report It

  • Minimize Harm

  • Act Independently

  • Be Accountable and Transparent.

The Gold Stock Press is produced by Lavaca High School Journalism students, sponsored by Ms. Riddle (Business, Journalism, and English Teacher at LHS). The paper is student-led and designed with minimal oversight and input from our adviser. We hope that you are as excited as we are to see Arrow news that is produced by Lavaca High’s journalism staff!