Lavaca High

The vision of Lavaca High School is a community with high expectations dedicated to helping students succeed.

Core Values and Beliefs:

The following are things that are musts for a successful education:

  • Safety is the foremost concern
  • Care for the students
  • Relationships
  • Community (parent, teachers, students, etcÂ…) dedicated to learning.
  • Belief that ALL kids can learn
  • Parental involvement
  • Relation to real life
  • Good communication
  • Success is measured by what is learned
  • Students must have good attendance
  • Data measuring success
  • Application of new technology
  • Students take part in a variety of activities
  • Unified school district
  • Students are productive in society
  • 21st Century learning.

Mission Statement: The mission of Lavaca High School is to
provide a safe environment with caring, qualified educators,
well-rounded curriculum and activities which will guide
students toward a successful future.