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The Lavaca Elementary Student Council is currently in its second year at Lavaca Elementary. This organization was put into motion by Mrs. Megan Bruso, Mrs. Lacie Kilbreath, and Coach Jamie Patterson. The group is made up of seven officer positions, three classroom representatives, and one teacher nominee. Students must complete a poster campaign, write and deliver a two minute speech to the student body, and students are then voted on by their peers and teachers. LES Student Council members are able to represent the Elementary in the High School homecoming parade, they are Arrow Time leaders, and they work alongside teachers and staff to develop activities to promote school spirit and student involvement. Our student council was able to provide a buddy bench for the Elementary playground, and they developed brochures for incoming kindergartners and their families. This organization challenges students to develop leadership skills, take part in important decisions involving their school, and it encourages them to step out of their comfort zone. At Lavaca Elementary we are committed to encouraging the students of today to become the leaders of tomorrow while also promoting hands that care and serve those around them. 




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