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Golden Arrow Tickets


Individual Game Tickets for regular season home games are $5 per person & may be purchased using cash at the gate of any event.




State - $7.00 for adults and students. | State Finals – General Admission $9.00 each session.

Cash will NOT be accepted at the gate. No reserved seats will be sold. When ticket holders leave the arena they must purchase a new ticket to re-enter.

AAA PASS – Admission should be charged for ages 5 and up. Admittance is by pass or digital ticket only. AAA passed will be honored at regional and state eventsNote: Picture ID will be required for admission at the pass gate.


STATE – Feb. 28 – Mar. 4 at Rector High School

Boys Bracket

State Tournament Livestream


SPORTSMANSHIP AAA Handbook.pdf (pages 116-119)


  1. Engage in positive encouragement and support of their team without being rude, negative or derogatory to opponents.
  2. Demonstrate respect and appreciation for game officials and the difficulty of the jobs they perform for our schools.
  3. Shall not wear full face paint or mask. Small logos or insignias are allowed.
  4. Shall not wear derogatory or suggestive slogans on apparel.
  5. Stay off the playing area.
  6. Shall not participate in negative, demeaning, or obscene yells.
  7. Show respect for public property and equipment.
  8. Must wear shirts. No bare chests are permitted.
  9. Shall not throw any objects on the playing area.

Indoor Venues

  1. School controlled sound systems and school controlled noisemakers shall be restricted to pregame, between quarters or sets, halftime, postgame and timeouts. Bands are not allowed at regional or state tournaments.
  2. The use of artificial noisemakers is not allowed.
  3. No handheld signs, balloons, poms, towels, megaphones, etc. are allowed.
  4. Poms properly used by school spirit squads are allowed.